Smart mobility

CONTROLWORKS posesses solutions for smart future mobility. We provide different solutions for each customer in different circumstances, from self-driving technologies to integration solutions.



AD/ADAS Validation

We provide smart mobility validation solutions

from sensor simulation to autonomous driving.

SW in the Loop

Software based validation

  • Physics based sensor modeling

  • AD, ADAS logic validation

  • Global collaborations


HW in the Loop

Real-time validation of the autonomous driving algorithm

  • AD, ADAS logic validation

  • Autonomous driving related sensor simulation

  • Validation of the integrated autonomous driving system

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Vehicle in the Loop

Validation of the autonomous driving algorithm at the vehicle level

  • Safety guaranteed through virtual driving environment tests

  • Autonomous driving related sensor simulation

  • Repetition of actual driving conditions that are difficult to reenact


Universal Wireless Tester

Non-signaling RF test platform with high RF port count

  • V2X, 5G, GNSS, Wireless and more

  • Flexibility and long-term support

  • Automatic RF port routing



Design and manufacture of vehicle platforms for the autonomous driving research

CONTROLWORKS provides various solutions for autonomous driving research, such as steering, acceleration, and brake systems.

ADSmart Platform

We provide vehicle platforms for the demonstration of the autonomous driving algorithm.

Autonomous vehicle platform

  • Automated-driving sensor and power supply

  • Actuator set for vehicle control

  • Renovating and designing self-driving cars

  • Support most automobile models


ADSmart Steering

  • Unnecessary to hack CAN data

  • Plans designed for each vehicle type

  • Override

  • Wheel angle or torque base control

Gen2 조향2 copy_edited.jpg

ADSmart Brake

  • Unnecessary to hack CAN data

  • Driver's seat installation type

  • Stroke base control

  • Support diagnosis fuction

image002 copy.png

ADSmart Accelerator

  • Support both manual and automatic transmission

  • Accelerator mode / Self-driving input mode

  • Softwareitch over to accelerator mode in the case of communication problems

  • Sensor interface for detecting accelerator operation

3디 모델링 copy.png

ADSmart Shift

  • Support both manual and automatic transmission

  • P-R-N-D gearshift

3디 모델링 copy.png
Ground Truth system - 2_edited.jpg


LiDAR Sensor

CONTROLWORKS supplies high-performance

LiDAR sensors for self-driving platforms.


Single Sensor Units

A wide array of choices for your specific environment and conditions is available from our solutions

for self-driving cars(passenger, vehicle, taxi), robots, and C-ITS infrastructure.


  • 128 channels long distance LiDAR

  • Long distance detection of 250m (200m@10% NIST)

  • 0.1˚ high angular resolution

  • Do Not Disturb mode

RS-Ruby .png

RS-Ruby lite

  • 80 channels long distance LiDAR

  • High-performance, reasonable price

  • 0.1˚ high angular resolution

  • Do Not Disturb mode

RS-Ruby Lite.png


  • 32 channels general-purpose LiDAR

  • Distance detection of 200m (150m@10% NIST)

  • Reduction of blind spots using 40˚ vertical FOV

  • Low-temperature resistance up to -30˚C



  • 16 channels general-purpose LiDAR

  • Distance detection of 150m (80m@10%NIST)

  • Distance accuracy of ±2cm

  • Low-temperature resistance up to -30˚C



  • LiDAR for prevention of blind spots

  • Hemispherical FOV

  • < 10cm minimum detection distance

  • Low-temperature resistance up to -30˚C

BPearl model(2).png


  • LiDAR for 32 channel robotics

  • Customized FOV with 70˚ FOV tilted 55˚ below the horizon

  • Minimum detection distance ≤0.1m

  • Do Not Disturb mode



  • MEMS mass production vehicle LiDAR

  • Performance of 125 channels

  • Low power consumption of 15W

  • Smart GAZE function attatched

2  RS-LiDAR-M1 B3_edited.png

Short-range Blind Spot

Coming soon

Ground Truth System

We are able to verify DUT(Device Under Test) via RoboSense's own unique AI-based Ground Truth data.

RS-Reference System

Hardware platform for retrieving and verifying data

  • Terminal for processing data

  • Offline algorithm (generating GT)

  • Comparison of GT data and DUT output values

Ground Truth system - 2.png

Solutions by Industry

We provide solutions for each industry such as high-speed robo-taxis,

medium/low-speed driving shuttles, and smart cities etc.


Solution for the L4 robo-taxi

  • Easily detachable (preventing potential vehicle damage)

  • Dectection range of 200m

  • Prevention of blind spots



Solution for high/medium-speed driving mobility

  • Easily detachable (preventing potential vehicle damage)

  • Loaded with cognitive algorithm of above level L3

  • Reasonable price

RS-Fusion-P3 Real-shot (3).jpg

PS-Fusion-P1, P2

Solution for medium/low-speed driving mobility

  • Suitable for vehicle and robots

  • Easily detachable (preventing potential vehicle damage)

  • Reasonable price


Cognitive Algorithm

The cognitive algorithm that can be used with

RS-LiDAR is capable of high-precision positioning, recognizing various objects


  • Localization

  • Perception

  • Calibration & Fusion

  • Mapping